It is my honor to be convener of 2013-14 Joint President Meeting (JPM). I’m definitely the one benefits most in this 11 months, ‘coz I have the opportunity getting to know pretty much every Presidents in Hong Kong and Macau. This friendship is something very special to me. My salute to all Presidents in District 3450. Thank you for supporting JPM.

JPM is the place for District Officers to communicate with all the Presidents. More importantly, it is where Presidents and DG are bonded together. It is the monthly fellowship event for Presidents and District Officers. Looking back for these 11 months, we are lucky to have a dedicated meeting and dining venue for 7 JPMs. It simplifies our work for meeting preparation a lot.

In general we have 35 – 40 people attending JPM, and have 20 – 24 people stay behind for dinner. While there are lots of club and district events engaging all the Presidents and District Officers, your continue support to JPM is greatly appreciated.

The success of 2013-14 JPM is the effort of the following significant contributors.

RIC team – Thank you for helping on the material preparation, meeting administration, and most importantly meeting reminder to all the Presidents and District Officers.

DS Gary Yeung – You are a great partner to work with. I will not be able to run the meeting without your dedication to prepare the meeting agenda. Thank you so much for your support and help.

President Dora Liu – Thank you for your contribution to be our JPM secretary. Thank you for being there for us as always.

President Joyce Lau – Thank you to be our acting secretary. Your meeting minute generator is very impressive. I have never seen something like this before. (For everybody information …. President Joyce complete meeting minute right after meeting finish and before dinner start)

President Patrick Kang – Thank you to be our treasurer. Our account is in good hand. Thanks!

DG Eugene – Thank you for everything you’ve done for the district and for all the Presidents. You are truly the DG every Presidents dream for. We are all blessed with your leadership and guidance.

ALL 1314 Presidents – How can JPM be what it is without you? Your support and your dedication to JPM build a solid foundation for our friendship ever after.

We thought of doing something with Presidents in Mongolia at the beginning. Unfortunately we didn’t act on this one. I look forward to something we can do together with 1314 Mongolia Presidents in the future.

It is only just begun. The completion of 1314 JPM signifies the beginning of class of 1314. I look forward to many years of great friendship and partnership with all my fellow 1314 Presidents and especially DG Eugene.

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