Dear Club Presidents,

Final Reminder 

For Presidents who have submitted the form to RI, please give a reply to RIC that you have already recommended one club member for this award on or before June 21, 2015.  We would like to compile a report of no. of clubs which applied for this award.

If you have not recommended a club member for this individual recognition, please refer to my previous notice belowed and submit to RI at [email protected] before June 30, 2015:

To recognise a Rotarian in your club who has performed outstandingly in year 2014-2015 in your Club, you may nominate One member to be awarded the captioned award by RI. Each Club President can nominate One member per year.

Attached please find the nomination form.  Please complete it and send to RI direct at [email protected].  There is no need to give to me or RIC.

I also attached the Avenues of Service Citation Recipients of D3450 in the past years. There are only 30 clubs (less than 50 % of our total no. clubs) had recommended members for this citation in the past years.  Please select and recognise 1 member for this individual award from RI.

Please also note that RI has suggested ways in the application form to select a member for this award. You may also wish to inform your Board before You recommend your eligible member.

Please also note that:

1. One member can only be recommended and awarded for ONE Time only. No second award of citation will be awarded to the same rotarian.

2. Follow the ways recommended by RI to select an eligible and committed member who served well in the Avenues of Services this year.

To enable you can present the award in the month of June before the end of your tenure as Club President, you may wish to send the form to RI before April 30, 2015.

Please feel free to contact me direct or RIC should you have any question.

Wish One member of your club will receive this RI Individual Award in 2014-2015

Yours in Rotary,

DGN Eric Chin

Rotary International and District Award Committee Chair 2014-2015

ASNOMform_EN10 (12 rev)-ia

Avenues of Service Citation Recipient of D3450