The 48th Joint Interact Council organized the International Understanding Trip to RI District 3750 in Suwon, South Korea from 28-31 July 2013. There were 26 Interactors, 2 Rotaractors, 1 Teacher Adviser and 2 Rotarians joining the trip. All participants were treated as VIPS and were well fed by the Rotarian host families. We visited a home for the senior people at Silver Town. We were amazed that most of the senior people (some over 90) living there were very healthy and happy. We also had some cultural exchange with the Interactors at Sung Moon High School.

The Korean Rotarians and host families visited our District from 17-20 August 2013. We brought them to one of our Interact schools – Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College and had some cultural exchange. To show our appreciation to the host families, a number of Interactors, Rotarians and friends hosted some of the Koreans in their homes. We all had a very joyful and fruitful fellowship through the various outings at the Peak, the Repulse Bay and the Ocean Park. Through these exchanges, we have deeper understanding of each other’s culture and living. We hope these exchanges have laid a solid foundation for our future interaction. Taking this opportunity, I would extend my sincere gratitude to DG Eugene Fong, PDG Peter Wong, PDG Alex Mak, PDG Tony Wong, PP Wendy Mung, PP Winnie Yuen, PP Virginia Pak, Rotarian Swallow Cheng, Teacher Adviser of Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College Mr Jeremiah Chan, Rotaractor Lee Wai Chung and Rotaractor Chung Man Hin for their great support.