Dear fellow Rotarians,

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, tore through the Philippines on last Friday & Saturday. Current estimates are that thousands have been killed, and the final toll is expected to be high. Government authorities have requested international aid to respond to the immediate needs of four million people affected by the storm, across 36 provinces. Over 330,000 people are staying in evacuation centres. Food, shelter, flashlights and medicines are urgently needed in the affected areas.

The Rotary Districts worst hit by Haiyan are D3850 and D3860.   I am hereby appealing to all Rotary Clubs in D3450 to take the following actions:

  1. contact your sister club(s) in the Philippines immediately if your club has sister club(s) there to see what the members there are doing for disaster relief and how your club can help;
  2. make a donation to District’s account if you so choose:

Account Name : Rotary District 3450 Charitable Fund Ltd

Account Number : 400-140711-001 (HSBC)

and District will channel the fund to

(i)     Shelterbox (Hong Kong): Shelterbox, which was founded by a Rotary Club in Devon in England and has a long track record of deploying boxes for disaster relief.  Please see below a message from Past President Stephen First, co-founder of Shelterbox (Hong Kong); and

(ii)   Disaster relief and subsequent re-building programs initiated by Rotary Districts in the Philippines, particularly those by D3850 and D3860.  Please refer to the messages from four of the District Governors in the Philippines attached to this message, giving us the latest about the actions undertaken by Rotarians there.

And if there is any remaining balance after all relevant disaster relief and re-building measures are seen to be completed, the money will be transferred to the District’s General Disaster Relief fund.

Yours ever in Service,

Eugene Fong


FW: A CALL TO ACTION – Shelterbox Philippines Response

Let us rally together-in-support to assist ShelterBox (HK) help those who have been most devastated by loss arising from this unprecedented and most fearsome of natural disasters.

This is a plea to Rotarians to participate in helping a designated International Rotarian Project to help our fellow Rotarians in the Philippines provide much-needed aid to their communities of people who find themselves and their families to be quite helpless facing adversity and the all but unimaginable tragic consequences of being without food, shelter and personal security which will most likely be felt for years to come.

If the HK Government can put aside their differences as they now have and show financial support for the Philippines, then we as Rotarians in Hong Kong should give peace a chance, open our hearts and provide much needed assistance by making a generous donation to ShelterBox (HK) and work toward a goal of sending FIFTY (50) boxes to ShelterBox in the Philippines.

Accordingly, by this proposal, if not a collective plea of pleas, I hereby pledge the first US$1,000 to procure and send a ShelterBox to the Philippine community most seriously impacted by this mother-of-all-typhoons.

To this end, I would call upon all Rotarians of District 3450 to show how true and strong the spirit of Rotary is, and consider making a collective contribution of an additional SEVENTY-TWO (72) boxes at US$1,000 per box in recognition of the number of clubs in District 3450.

Rotary is more than talking about good deeds, and the exchange of banners and pins … Rotary is about doing good deeds!

Yours in Rotary,

PP Stephen/ RCHKS Co-Director International Service / CEO – Co-founder ShelterBox (HK)

Shelterbox HK Charity Info:

Charity no.1096479
Company no. 4612654


FW: Messages from 4 District Governors in the Philippines

DG Mark G. Ortiz (District 3850)

Dear DG Eugene,

It is great to hear from you at this particular moment.  Tomorrow, it will be a week since Super-typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) wreaked destruction in Central Philippines, notably in Tacloban and here in my home Province, Capiz.  Close to 88% of the population are presently trying to rebuild their homes and have very little to eat, what with damage to agriculture and fishing in great magnitude.  I am sending out this appeal to anyone who will be touched to help our Province and its neighbours through the Rotary Clubs in this District, in Northern Panay, in particular.

Attached is our District’s small compilation of facts after a visit to Provincial/City/Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Offices.  There are a lot of gaps and, opportunity permitting, I shall update you with more information as they are reported at those offices.  Power and communication lines here are down, thus the speed or slowness of data and even delay in this appeal.  Clearing operations are underway and all those affected have not been remiss in trying to restore their lives.  We just need a little push as our spirits are waning and just overwhelmed by the gravity of our situation.

Many have already actually managed to contact me and send aid in their own ways.  I thank you all very much.  For those who wish to contribute their share and for any inquiries and contact and bank details, please do get in touch (917) 312-0779 and (908) 883-8735, [email protected] .  Our District office may be contacted thru (999) 937-9135, [email protected] (Richell) and our District Secretariat’s is (917) 621-1412, [email protected] (PP Pip).  The eight Rotary Clubs (RC Roxas, RC Metro Roxas, RC Metro Roxas Central, RC Kalibo, RC Metro Kalibo, RC Boracay, RC Metro Passi, and RC Antique) in Northern Panay and Antique Province have been mobilized since yesterday and will be ready.

Yours in Rotary,

DG Mark G. Ortiz

District Governor, D-3850



DG Ed Chiongbian (District 3860)

Dear Classmate Eugene,

Sorry for late reply. Thank you very much for your support and getting funding for our relief efforts to help our brothers and sisters affected by the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Hardest hit in our district is Tacloban and Ormoc in Leyte province, Guiuan in Samar and in northern Cebu, six municipalities and one city were severely damaged.

Our district, specifically Cebu and Bohol, was recently hit by a massive earthquake at a magnitude of 7.2 with over 3,000 aftershocks that is continuing. The last one with a magnitude of 4.5 occurred just yesterday. And about a week ago, Cebu was hit with a tornado. Our relief efforts for the earthquake in Bohol and Cebu has depleted our disaster fund and now faced to do any relief missions caused by Haiyan. All funds we receive will be used to purchase water, food, medicines, clothing and tents. And after everything is settled, we will do recovery missions to bring the victims lives back to normalcy.

We would appreciate that if you have raised some funds from your district to send it to our district disaster account, which is shown below. Please send me a scanned copy of your deposit or notice so we can reconcile our records and for proper recognition.

Account Name: Rotary District 3860 Disaster Fund

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands

SWIFT Code (for wire remittances): BOPIPHMM

Account Number: 1370-0113-93

Currency:  Philippine Peso

Branch: Pueblo Verde, Basak, Lapulapu City

Routing Number: 021000021

Looking forward to seeing you win during our classmate reunion at the 2013 Taipei Rotary Institute.

Best regards,

DG Ed Chiongbian

District 3860


Hi Gov Eugene

thanks for the expression of sympathy. I will get in touch with you on the relief that we are doing here in Quezon City for the stricken areas in Eastern Visayas.

Gov Francis



DG Robert Kuan (District 3830)

Dear DG Eugene,

Thank you very much for your kind concern and offer of assistance. Please know that it is much appreciated.

Yes, our countrymen in Central Visayas are reeling from the effects of the deadly super typhoon that

struck that part of the Philippines late last week. The devastation is so vast that all the cities and towns in its direct path have been leveled to the ground and now look like a wasteland. It is, put simply, heartbreaking.

We are fortunate to have many friends–nations big and small, near and far; organizations, aid agencies, corporations, Rotary Clubs and Rotarians–who have come, called, or written to offer assistance. All Filipinos are coming together too, as we always do, to do and/or give what we can.

Clubs in our District 3830 are sending basic necessities like water, ready-to-eat food, personal hygiene items, water purifiers, etc. This is good as the need is great and immediate, and help must get to the  affected people at once.

But I am concerned about what will happen to these people and these communities after the national government, foreign aid agencies and volunteers are gone, when they are left to take stock of the grim reality that everything in their community is gone–the institutions that have been part of their lives: places of worship,  parks, public markets, city hall, hospitals, schools, and their homes. All gone.

My plan is to be there for the hard part. I want our clubs and Rotarians to be part of the massive effort to rebuild these now-empty places into the decent, happy places that they were before Haiyan. I am particularly interested in getting involved in the rebuilding and retooling of schools.

This is what we are raising funds for. Your help will go a long way in getting the rehabilitation work done. We know it is a daunting, mind-boggling task, but we know too that it must be done, by us Filipinos, with the help of friends who care. Like you and Rotarians everywhere.

Once again, on behalf of the Rotarians in District 3830 and of all Filipinos, I thank you for your kind concern and assistance. Please extend our thanks to the Rotarians in your area too for their support in this tragic time.

Truly, the worst of times brings out the best in all of us.

Engagingly yours in Rotary,

Robert Kuan

District Governor
R. I. District 3830

Destruction data Panay Island 111313 Yolanda 110813