A RISK-FREEand MONEY-LESS Free Medical Service for the Underprivileged” initiative is launched today.

The objectives are

  1. To provide free medical services (FMS), by non-surgical physicians, specialists and para-medical professionals, to the underprivileged or needy; and
  2. To initiate and link up with other similar medical service initiatives/projects within Rotary District 3450 with a view to provide a complete chain of medical assistance to the needy.

Past District Governor Kenneth Wong is the advisor and the Team members are:

Chiu, Michael (Assistant Governor (3) 2014-15);

Yuen Winnie (Deputy Assistant Governor (3) 2014-15)

Chu Santos (Charter President, Rotary Club of Macau Islands)

Wong, George (Charter President, Rotary Club of Golden Bauhinia Hong Kong);

Ko, Betty (President, Rotary Club of HK South 2014-15);

Lam, Georgina (President, Rotary Club of Happy Valley 2014-15);

Lee Patric (President, Rotary Club of HK Harbour 2014-15);

Steffen, Sabine (President, Rotary Club of Shouson Hill 2014-15);

Wong, Simon (President, Rotary Club of HK North East 2014-15); and

Wu, Dixon (Rotarian, Rotary Club of HK South)

Volunteer physicians, specialists and para-medical professionals are being recruited both within and outside the District 3450. Participating general physicians and para-medical professionals are required to provide 1 free medical service quota once a week or once a fortnight, whereas specialists are required to provide 1-2 free medical service quota(s) for one year.

Individual Rotarians, Rotary Club or other Individuals are welcomed to join the FMS and on voluntary basis.

If you are interested to assist or join this Risk-free and Money-less FMS, please approach any of us for more details.

Michael Chiu

Assistant Governor (3), 2014-15