I am not sure how much you know about WordPress, so I  have a short procedure for you to try and make a Post.
Posts are the Main input to the site for an ongoing dialogue, ie, there may be follow up ‘posts’ and ‘comments’, we put them into a Category and make a list of articles out of them. Typical for a Blog.

For News say, or and article such as The One (Service Projects) which will feature on the Front Page as well as in its own section.

  • Login
    • Use Rotarian Login either the Button for the Pop Up or under the Members Tab find the Log In option
        • Username
        • Password
        • Should see Hi yourname on button at the top of the page or in the Log Out Button
  • Webpage looks the same but has a top ribbon menu now.

Lets add a Post

Goto the ‘+’ at the top of the page and the menu should open to display the items you can add.

Select Post

Now you have an online editor.

  • Add a Title
  • Add Content
    • Please use the More tag after an introductory text (it is the 7th icon on the top row from the RHS). Otherwise your article can be too big when it is previewed on the Front Page or elsewhere.
  • Select your Language (English or Traditional Chinese) See more on this later.
  • Visibility is usually Public, but could be Private in which case the Public cannot see it.
  • Choose your Category
    • News for example, this determines where it goes on the site. The One is under Service Projects
  • Save Draft at any time
  • Publish when done

Once Published the article can be Translated. This allows a similar article in another language to be linked to it.

We have other Articles in Page Format, typically for an announcement, more on this later.
You can edit an article you wrote from the webpage it is displayed on, scroll to the bottom of the article and you should see edit amongst the options.