Dazzling Program – Leaders’ Meeting

What’s more for the APRRC’s official program?

Apart from Country Report which you can know more about the Rotaract movement of other Asia Pacific regions, Leaders’ Meeting is a very important meeting during the conference!

All District Rotaract Representatives and heads of various district delegates are entitled to join this meeting.  They have to put much attention during the meeting as some important issues of Rotaract in the Asia Pacific regions will be discussed among the Rotaract leaders and presentation from Organizing Committee of next APRRC will be delivered with Q&A session.  More importantly, the bidding of APRRC of two years’ after is also held.  Similar to us, District 3450, we won the bidding during the leaders’ meeting of APRRC 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand!  So, we are now ready to bring APRRC back to Hong Kong in 2014!