Touch Hong Kong, Touch Your Heart!

With the tremendous support and guidance of Rotarians, our Rotaractors have been devoted to work on the four avenues of service in the community. Now, APRRC is a golden chance for us to promote RI D3450 to the Asia Pacific region. The Organizing Committee would like to touch overseas Rotarians and Rotaractors’ hearts with Hong Kong’s charm.

Since 1960s, local-designed and manufactured Red-White-Blue carrier bag gained popularity among the residents with its simple design of red, white and blue parallel stripes. It was inexpensive but durable and was widely used for travelling and delivering goods. As time went by, its designs had modified and multiplied. Some people even installed wheels at its bottom to enhance its use. The design of the carrier bag, “Red-White-Blue”, has gradually been taken to represent the tough and hardworking characteristics of the Hong Kong people.

Therefore, the Organizing Committee has chosen Red-White-Blue as the theme color of the Conference. The three colors represent the Hong Kong spirit of toughness and diligence which is also the Committee’s working attitude towards the Conference.

Being part of the RI D3450, let’s gather our power and show others our passion.  See you in APRRC 2014 to be held on 10-13 July 2014!