For an Editor there is a hidden Editor button. It is below the title of each Benefit entry in the position of the Logo (if present). Hover your mouse in this position and you should see the pointer change and the note ‘Click here to edit’. This will work for each entry in case you wish to amend anything.

draft version 

Click on the Editor button for the item you wish to edit. Your item may well be another colour. Orange indicates it is in Draft and not available to users.

I will not explain all the editor functions, but there are some jobs we need to do:

  1. Add a Logo (if present)
  2. Check and amend any entry errors
  3. Publish the Benefit Post
  4. If the Post is to appear after a certain date we can set that here ..

Add the Logo

The image you loaded from the form will be in the Media Gallery ( the website will have prepared it for you and in most cases you will only need to Add the Thumbnail as below:

editor screen

 Click the Set Featured Image in the Featured Image Box then choose your image from the list as below:


When you Select the image you will be taken back to the Editor, once there check the rest of your entries, if you are happy with them Click the Publish Button and your work will be saved.

Now have a look at your handiwork, if you Published it the Benefit will be Green and your Logo should be there too.

You can go back and edit as many times as you want. You can change the Logo or edit it, hopefully this will not be necessary too often. If you want to hide the Benefit, just change the Status from Published to Draft for example, then only editors can view it. If you are really unhappy with your work you can send it to the Trash.