Dear Presidents,

I am pleased to advise you this encouraging news that we are THIS CLOSE TO WINNING the 2019 RI Convention Bid now!

Further to passing of the 2014 District Resolution to bid for the 2019 RI Convention, a RID3450 Host Organizing Committee (“HOC”) was set up as followed:

Chairman – PDG YK Cheng Vice Chairman – PDG Peter Wan Members –

DG Belinda Yeung,

PDG Jason Chan

PDG Kenneth Wong IPDG Eugene Fong DGE Peter Pang DGN Eric Chin DGND HW Fung PP Thomas Wong.

The HOC had worked closely with MEHK of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and submitted a Convention Bid Document to RI in July, 2014.

The 2019 RI Convention Site Inspection Team was in Hong Kong last week to assess the capability of our District to act as a Host City.

We are given to understand that our District has satisfied the Team in all aspects subject to provision of further details on venue costs, district funding arrangements and extent of support from Rotarians of the District.

The HOC considers that there will not be difficulty in providing the outstanding information to the Team and is cautiously optimistic that RID3450 will be selected to host the 2019 RI Convention **.

The HOC has requested me to organize the passing of another District Resolution (“2015 District Resolution”)  in addition to the 2014 District Resolution confirming that Clubs in RID3450 are in support of the bidding of the 2019 RI Convention, that Rotarians of our Clubs also agree to pay a Special Levy IF WE WIN THE BID:

Rotarians of Clubs in HK: 1.   July 1, 2015 — pay HK$800 2.   July 1, 2016 — HK$800 3.   July 1, 2017 — HK$800 4.   July 1, 2018 — HK$800.

Rotarians of Clubs in Macau: 1.   July 1, 2015 — pay HK$400 2.   July 1, 2016 — HK$400 3.   July 1, 2017 — HK$400 4.   July 1, 2018 — HK$400.

Rotarians of Clubs in Mongolia: 1.   July 1, 2015 — pay US$15 2.   July 1, 2016 — US$15 3.   July 1, 2017 — US$15 4.   July 1, 2018 — US$15.

This 2015 District Resolution will provide a STRONG MESSAGE to RI and the Team that our District is serious about the Bid and that there are financial commitment from our Rotarians.

The estimated amount of Special Levy collected from our Rotarians will be around HK$5.2m which will cover part of the 2019 RI Convention budgeted costs (total around HK$25m) that RI requires the Host City to bear.  The remaining portion will be covered by Government subsidies, corporate sponsorship, pledges from individual Rotarians and other fundraising campaigns.

Bid result will be out on or before the middle of June, 2015. We do need some seed money to spend right after we win the Bid.

PDG Vincent To is now drafting the 2015 District Resolution which will be sent to you as soon as it is finalized. Voting of this 2015 District Resolution will take place on 26/4/2015 in our coming District Conference.

Kindly take note of this matter, share it with Rotarians of your Club and support the passing of this 2015 District Resolution. If you have any question and/or feedback, please contact me directly.

It will be a milestone of our District if we succeed in the Bid.  Let us work together to write a new chapter in the history of RID3450.

Yours in Rotary,

BY (Governor – RID3450)

** Note:  While we bid only for 2019, 4 cities are shortlisted for the 2019, 2021 & 2022 RI Conventions — Hong Kong, Taipei, Houston and Hamberg.

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