The District Weekly e-Newsletter has been launched since 2 August 2013. This is one of the most important channels of communication between the District and the Rotarians at large. Instead of sending out ad hoc emails to you from time to time over the week, the e-Newsletter aims to send you all the essential news and information once a week on a Friday evening. We hope this would allow you to enjoy reading the e-Newsletter more and plan for your next week schedule over the weekend. Rotarians may also find they can manage and retrieve the Rotary information through the e-newsletter platform much easier than through their own mail boxes.

So far we would like to report that in August 2013, our e-Newsletter has registered on average 116 visitors per day. As expected, the peak is on a Friday. We would like to see an increase in our readership when more Rotarians have developed the habit of clicking on the e-Newsletter over the weekend. We would also like to see our service partners and potential Rotarians to become our readers. After all, the e-Newsletter can potentially be a powerful outreaching tool for Rotary.

In the 30 August 2013 issue, apart from the DG Message, the announcements of forthcoming District and Club events, we also have articles on Club in Action, the Rotary Moment etc. You may note we have also started a new Medical Column for the Rotarian Doctors among us to share with us some of the latest medical knowledge and tips on how to take better care of our health in layman terms.

We hope you would find reading the e-Newsletter enjoyable. We welcome all Clubs and Rotarians to contribute articles on their club activities. How about telling us about your next regular meeting if you have invited an interesting guest speaker? If you have a worthwhile project and would like Rotarians from other clubs to join in and take part, do send us an announcement and we would love to publicize your event in the forthcoming club events column.

Have a nice weekend!

Editorial Team