What would you be doing when you are 92?

For Past District Governor (PDG) Dr. Hari Harilela, he still spends time visiting hotels in his group.  The usual ritual begins with work in the morning, followed by lunch with his wife.  He can truly balance his business, his service to the community and time for his family.  Dr. Hari is indeed a very energetic senior.

PDG Hari joined Rotary in 1952.  During that time, membership in Rotary was all prestigious businessmen.  Compared to other organizations, Rotary offered the platform of fellowship and community involvement.  He wanted to join Rotary in order to contribute to the community, especially as an Indian.

Dr. Hari was elected District Governor in 1963.

When asked about why he wanted to be a district governor, Dr. Hari recalled that the reasons were the urge to serve and promote fellowship.  He opines the two most important essence of Rotary are Service Above Self and Fellowship.  When he was District Governor, he had the chance to promote both.

And not long after, he managed to take his leadership across the world and strengthened fellowship between Rotarians in Hong Kong and abroad.  He also extended his international service and fellowship from Hong Kong as the Rotary International Presidents’ Representative at many subsequent occasions.

On membership, Dr. Hari places great emphasis on quality, rather than quantity.  It is crucial to select the best people as members.  And only through this we would be able to nurture great leadership for Rotary.  It is time to consolidate rather than to expand.  We need Rotarians to be proud of being Rotarians.

Dr. Hari is very proud of PDG David Harilela who, as Dr. Hari described, brought life to Rotary.  “THE ONE”, he said, “ignite the spirit!”  So Dr. Hari supported by donating to the project.  He would like the external parties to be excited about THE ONE and through this project, he would like to strength fellowship amongst Rotarians and bring back the Service Above Serve in us.

Isn’t PDG Hari the best role model around?