Activities like eating healthy food and exercising regularly are becoming life style trend all over the world. Tsetsee Gung Rotaract Club had successfully organized a one day vegan food event to promote healthy eating lifestyle. The event is called “Let’s Get Healthy” and held at the “Bosco Verde Italian Vegan Restaurant” on Nov 9th, 2014. Rotaractors spent their week eating variety of delicious vegan foods, doing yoga exercise, and playing fun games. This event will be organized in every quarter, promoting and creating awareness of healthy food among public. Through “Let’s Get Healthy” event, we contribute to the green future of the world and encourage public to protect, nurture, and restore the mother earth. The event is a great start of various future events and campaigns to promote green environment awareness.

Healthy eating lifestyle is the biggest contribution to your health, mind, and body, which result long lasting happy life.

Event Program

–          Lecture about healthy eating

–          Environmental protection

–          Yoga exercise

–          Fung games

Tsetsee Gung Rotaract Club is highly encouraging you to practice healthy eating lifestyle.



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