This screen is only available to Editors of the Website:

The screen is used to create an Benefit Item such as shown on the right : completed_Benefit

See Help FAQ here for overview.


When an editor uses the Benefits screen he has access to two additional selections on the left side.

Apart from the Help items, the Add New Item button will open the “Make a New Benefit Entry” form as below:

Benefit Entry

Enter the data in the fields and and save the form.

If this is successful you will receive a message screen as below:

draft version

and the Website will produce a completed entry in Draft (it will not be visible to regular users).

You will be able to see it in Draft as these entries are visible ‘to you’, but the colour will be in Orange.

If any other colour than Green the form requires Approval of some kind.

You will also see that the logo is not visible although you may have uploaded one through the form. This has to be done through the Editor screen as described in the next topic.

In the next topic ‘Rotarian Benefits Entry Screen Detail‘ we will look at the form in detail.

Completed Form