Let’s see how Satellite Clubs can open opportunities for both the Host Club and the Satellite Club Members!

3:15pm – 4:15pm Chinese session
4:30pm – 5:30pm English session

Satellite Clubs – Myths & Success Stories
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Satellite Club has been encouraged by RI, and District 3450 has had our first Satellite Club since 2017.   The first Rotary Club that was born out of a Satellite Club was formed in 2019.   Will we continue to have more Satellite Clubs and more Rotary Clubs formed out of them? 

A Satellite Club indeed injects dynamism and vibrancy into the Host Club:  Satellite Clubs may attract new members and retain existing members by allowing more flexibility;  Satellite Clubs may be used as a vehicle to try out various club models; and Satellite Clubs may be a good way of attracting Rotaractors to join as Rotarians. 


PDG H.W. Fung


  • AG Anna Or (Rotary E-Club of Lantau)
  • P Candy Cheung (Rotary Club of Neoteric HK)
  • Chairman Terence Lau (Rotary Satellite Club of Star Avenue Inspiration)