The Rotary Happy Hour Party on April 22 is another service to the seniors of Mongkok Kai Fong Association Chanhing Social Service Center after our last December’s blood test service to them.  The party is jointly organized with our sister club, Rotary Club of Taipei Metro East; and the dance and games for the seniors are designed by a social enterprise, Jade Club.  The service aims to offer some fun and mind-stimulating activities to around 100 seniors to boost their mobility, improve their body functions, let them enjoy happy social interactions and also, to support Jade Club which is a social enterprise.  Our 17 member helpers including DGE YC and 18 sister club members are actually very much inspired by these seniors when we see how exciting and serious they are when doing the dance and playing the games.  The event is interviewed by a newspaper reporter and the happy hour party ended with presentation of prizes to the winners and gifts to all attending seniors.