Dear DG HW Fung, District Officers, Club Presidents and Fellow Rotarians,


Congratulations to DG HW, District Officers and Club Presidents for the Rotary year 2017-2018.

It is my great honour to be the District Fellowship Committee Chair again in year 2017-2018. I am very excited to organize the 1st Rotary Xinjiang Driving Tour on 14th -23rd September, 2017) together with PP Wilson (RC  of Taipo),  IPP Kevin Mak (RC of Kwai Chung) and the Silk Road & Xinjiang Tour specialist for over 25 years – GZL. 

Our purposes of the tour are :

1)      Fun driving in North Xinjiang, understanding  the ethnic group culture, enjoying the great landscapes and foods in Silk Road.     

2)      Cultural Exchange (HK Rotarians & Local Minorities (Ethnic Group) & Local Community Service (TBC)