It gives me great pleasure to chair the District Fundraising Committee. The committee is supported by two deputy chairs: DAG Felix Chow and CP CN Ma. Both are from my own club, Rotary Club of The Peak. They have ample experience in fundraising and are holding key positions in NGOs in Hong Kong and advisory boards of the Hong Kong SAR Government. 

During a meeting chaired by DG Eugene Fong on 17.6.2013, it was agreed that we need to establish contacts with corporations and NGOs in Hong Kong with a view to exploring the opportunity to work together on our district projects. It is noted that corporations in Hong Kong when deciding to support events organized by NGOs will consider inter alia the amount of sponsorship, exposure, publicity and enhancement of corporate social responsibility. We in particular would strive to raise the public awareness of our district/club projects, such as poverty alleviation, organ donation, the ONE international and humanitarian award, water purification in Shaanxi, Test for Life, The Leprosy Project, Rotary Adopt-A-School and engage our rotary families, e.g. GSE, Ambassadorial scholars, rotaractors and students ambassadors, etc. plus numerous other equally worthwhile input from Rotarians of our District. 

Some of our Rotarians are currently leading key NGOs and various associations/chambers in Hong Kong. It would help our cause tremendously if we can facilitate the setting up of a working relationship between the NGOs and corporations with Rotary through the district officers, club presidents and Rotarians. If you are interested in acting as one of the facilitators, please let me know. I can be contacted via email [email protected].  I look forward to hearing from you all.

PDG Jason Chan

District Fundraising Committee Chair (2013-14)