Dear Presidents, ​PEs and PPE Directors,

First of all, thank you for your support to Preserve Planet Earth (PPE) by having most of your clubs in becoming Green Rotary Club. We have 64 RCs qualified for the D3450 Green Rotary Club Award in 2014/15 as of writing! From the link below you can find out which club has turned Green and what did they do.

While we are entering into a new Rotary Year in July, District PPE Committee is hosting the “Rotary HK Chordophonia 2015 Concert” to raise fund for future District PPE activities. It is to be held on Sunday 9 August, 2015 in the Concert Hall of HK City Hall.

Attached please find a presentation with details of the said Rotary 2015 Concert and the PPE activities in 2014/15. Our target is to raise around HK$178,000.00 or more.

We would like to invite Rotary Clubs, Rotarians and Corporates to support the District PPE Committee through different types of Sponsorship listed below:

Premier Sponsorship:

□   ––HK$8,000.00 for 15 VIP tickets at HK$250 each and 10 senior & student tickets at HK$100 each plus full acknowledgment in the concert programme.

General Sponsorship – Only available for Rotary Clubs (RCs) with less than 20 members. Please note there is a quota of only 10 in this category of sponsorship which will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

□   – HK$4,000.00 for 10 tickets at HK$ 150 each plus full acknowledgment in the concert programme.

 Corporate Sponsorship

□   – HK$8,000.00 for 15 VIP tickets at HK$250 each and 10 senior & student tickets at HK$100 each plus full acknowledgment in the concert programme.

Rotary Club / Commercial Advertisement in concert programme (RCs, Corporate and Individuals are welcome):

□   1 full page advertisement in the concert programme: HK$2,000.00

□   1/2 page advertisement in the concert programme: HK$1,000.00

The Deadline for Sponsorship Submission is 30 June 2015.

P.S.: We welcome Sponsors who may wish to donate their tickets to their selected NGOs, particularly those who are active supporters of Environmental Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

For all enquiries and purchase of extra tickets by Sponsors, please contact the Secretary of District PPE Committee, Rtn. Eliza Ning by e-mail at [email protected] or whatsapp her at 852 90133823.

Should your club need further elaboration, please feel free to contact me. We will arrange a District PPE Committee member to clarify our proposal to your club as and when requested.

Please help to relay this message to your club members for their support on individual and/ or corporate basis as well. The sponsorship application form is attached for your action.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and hopefully soon!

Once again thank you for your support !


George Li

District PPE Chair

2015 Rotary HK Chordophonia Concert sponsorship form final by PP George 15 May

2015 PPE Concert Sponsorship Presentation V2 by PP George15 May,2015