The most exciting program of APRRC must go to the Rotaract Festival!

Different participating district has its own booth during the Rotaract Festival.  They all hold their own booths and some of them wear their national costume to take photos with the “visitors”.  You do not only have a chance to know more about service projects and functions of other districts, you can also taste the traditional food from different countries and get some specials gifts from their own countries.  Just like the APRRC held in Taiwan this year, Hong Kong delegates have prepared toast with condensed milk and peanut butter to share the local delicacy with the participants.  They all like it very much.  You must feel like travelling around the Asia Pacific region during the night!

Country Report, Leaders’ Meeting, Cultural Night and Rotaract Festival are just part of the APRRC.  More exciting programs will be announced soon.  Please stay tuned with our update!  Come and enjoy this four-day conference and you will be surprised!

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