Dear Rotarians:

Please be reminded The Annual Rotary 10K deadline is fast approaching with less than 2 weeks to go!

This year our theme is Hong Kong STREETATHON [email protected] East 2014 and carries particular significance as we will be using sports to address social issues with local youths.

In addition to the online registration method in the link below, we will also be providing a registration form to simplify your payment and signup process.

So sign up now before the Rotary quota runs out!!!

Kindly return the form to RIC no later than 8th of Feb for our further handling.

Meanwhile, let us wish all of you the very best of the best Chinese New Year!

PP Dave Lee


跑街回憶舊觀塘 仨中年青春過後生 –

Remarks: Below please find the registration form for your reference, which will be sent by email also!