Fellow Rotarians and Honorable Guests Good Evening!   Thank you for joining our District Installation Dinner tonight!

Let me start with inviting our Immediate Past District Governor Eugene Fong, together with his team of District Officers and his team of Presidents to rise for recognition.  May I invite all of you to please join me to give this remarkable team a really big round of applause to thank them  fortheir great jobs well done in last Rotary Year!

Time flies!  It was like yesterday when I was elected District Governor Nominee Designate.  And here I am, 2 years later, speaking to you as Governor of Rotary International District 3450.   Let me take this opportunity to thank my team of District Officers as well as my team of Presidents for starting early and for working hard with me to prepare for this Rotary Year.  We are proud to share with you that we are all ready to take up the batons and continue to serve Rotary the same as our predecessors did.

Our 2014-2015 Rotary International Year Theme is Light Up Rotary.  Our RI President Gary Huang would like us to Light Up Rotary in 5 dimensions –

(A) to continue to do a lot of service projects:

(B) to bring our families into Rotary and to bring Rotary into our family;

(C) to enhance on the image of Rotary in our communities;

(D) to grow our membership; and

(E) to continue to support the Rotary Foundation.

According to RIP Gary, we Rotarians all do goods and there are 1.2 millions of us in the world.  If each good we do means lighting up one candle, we, together will light up enough candles to Light Up the World!

As District Governor, one of my primary roles is to transform the RI Year Theme into actionable plans, taking into consideration the culture, the history, the practices, the strength and the weaknesses of the district and the clubs.  In District 3450 in 2014-15,   on top of our continual works in service projects, we will work together to

(1) make Rotary fun and enjoyable;

(2) engage our family with Rotary;

(3) enhance the Public Image of Rotary;

(4) grow membership:

(5)ensure effective district and club communications and administrations;

(6) develop our future leaders;

(7) preserve planet earth;  and

(8) support The Rotary Foundation.

I am going to start the next and the last session of my Address with a quote.  Let’s see if you can recognize who she is….

“I do not mind if I have to sit on the floor in school.  All I want is education.  And I am afraid of no one.”

Yes, she is MalalaYousafzai.  The whom I respect, the young girl who was shot at her head because she had spoken up, because she had asked to receive education, the same education which boys in her country can receive.

In the Rotary world, we implement a lot of service projects that impact our communities.  And these service projects evolve around 6 Areas of Focus, which include:

s  Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution;

s  Economic & Community Development;

s  Disease Prevention & Treatment;

s  Water & Sanitation;

s  Maternal & Child  Health;  and

s  Basic Education & Literacy.

Out of the 6 Areas of Focus, I personally am very supportive to providing Education to our young generation.  I believe that Education is important because it advances our young generation.  Education inspires and transforms lives of students through knowledge enhancement and holistic development.  I am particularly supportive to Vocational Education because I believe that despite these young persons may not be most outstanding in their academic achievement, many of them are a talent of a specific vocation and deserve an opportunity for development.   I am most supportive to providing Vocational Education opportunities to young persons who live in poverty because I firmly believe that that will give them a chance in life – a chance for upward social mobility!

Special thanks to our 2014-15 District Fundraising Committee Chair – CP Patrick Poon of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour, together with our District Fundraising Signature Project Chair – PP Frankie Wu of Rotary Club of TaiPo, who have initiated a Vocational Education Project called “Up Up V Go” aiming to provide education and development opportunities to LESS PREVILEGE STUDENTS of the Hong Kong Vocation Training Council.

We now have over $5 million dollars of seed money in the VTC account designated for Rotary and Rotary led Educational Funds which signifies a great start of our 2014-15 Rotary Year in District 3450!

Fellow Rotarians, let us together, Light up Rotary!!!