Dear Club Presidents,


I am pleased to inform you that the Stage 3 District Grants for Rotary year 2014-15 is now available for your application.

District Grant enables our District to support local and international projects, scholarships, vocational training teams (“VTT”), and related travel.  In Rotary year 2014-15, total District Grants funds available is US$128,464.


The Stage 1 District grants application closed on 29 August 2014 (Fri). The District Grants Committee (“the Committee”) after consideration has approved 9 humanitarian service applications which amount to the district grants of USD36,019 and USD7,500 respectively.

Stage 2 District grants application closed on 28 November 2014 (Fri). The Committee has received 6 district grants applications for humanitarian projects and 1 application for VTT. The Committee considered and agreed to approve 5 applications and 1 applications subject to completion of club qualification and 1 VTT which amounts to total grants of USD24,624. Apart from the above, USD5,128 has been allocated for conducting each of the grant management seminar in Hong Kong and Mongolia respectively.

The remaining district grant of US$50,065 is therefore available to fund district and club projects on a first-come-first-served basis.For example, you may consider to submit scholarship application which can sponsor secondary school, undergraduate students in any subject and in any short term program such as six-week language training program.


The maximum grant per application is US$5,000 or 50% of proposed budget of the project, whichever is lower.  Please note that District Grant only supports projects which must not have started already and should be completed by 31 March 2015 (Tuesday). The projects should also be initiated by the clubs themselves and not by a third party or other NGOs.  There should be active participation by members of the clubs.


Please refer to the guidelines under the attached District Grant Application Form for 2014-15 under the attached District Grant Application Form for 2014-15 and the attached Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants which is available at RI website via the following link:


Please do not miss out this opportunity to utilize District Grant funds to finance your projects.  Though the fund available is not substantial and the competition for DDFs is strong, the whole idea of District Grant is to benefit the community and to promote Rotarian involvement in these humanitarian projects. You may also get recognition from our District and The Rotary Foundation (TRF) that in turn enhances profile of your projects.


District Grant funds come from our District Designated Fund (DDF). Your successful application of District Grant will demonstrate to your members that you do not just contribute to TRF but your own projects can also be benefited out of these contributions thus promoting Annual Giving by your members! So please work with your Community Service Director/Foundation Chair and start right away to plan for a good project making use of District Grant!


For any questions, please feel free to contact me at Tel: 9199 1860, [email protected].


We look forward to your participation.


Yours in Rotary,

PDG Jason Chan

Grants Sub- Committee Chair 2014-15

District Rotary Foundation Committee



DG Belinda Yeung

DRFC Chair PDG Peter Wan

DRFC Members

AGs, DAGs, CDS and DDSs

Club Foundation Chairs

District Grants Application 2014-15(Stage3)

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