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District Governor 2012-2013

Kenneth WongDG Kenneth Wong
Email: kennethwong.rotary3450@gmail.com

Born September 1956, Kenneth has married to Lucia and with daughter Amy and son Arthur.

Kenneth graduated at the City University, London UK in 1980 with B.Sc (Hon) in Industrial Chemistry

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Kenneth engaged in textile industry with special focus on manufacturing process development in the context of Dyeing, Printing and finishing of Cotton and other blended fabrics.

Business profile
In 1985, Kenneth established “Kwok Hing Dyeing Factory Ltd”, a textile mill for the weaving, dyeing, bleaching, printing and finishing of cotton and other blended fabrics.

Orient Key Investment Ltd was later established for trading and exportation of fabrics.

Contribution to the Rotary Foundation

Paul Harris Fellow since 1991,
Member of Paul Harris Society
Major Donor Level 2

Rotary Profile


  • 1991
    Joined Rotary as Charter member of the Rotary Club of Tai Po.
  • 1996-97
    Served as Club President of Rotary club of Tai Po


  • 1998-1999
    District Assembly Chairman
  • 2007-2008
    District Assembly Chairman
    Vice Chairman, District Membership Extension Committee
  • 2009-2010
    Team Leader, Group Study Exchange Team to D4420, Sao Paulo, Member, District Adopt a School Committee
  • 2010-2011
    Chairman, Group Study Exchange Committee
  • 2011-2012
    Chairman, District Rotary International
    Convention(Bangkok) Promotion Committee
  • 2011-2012
    District Governor Elect

Other Public duties

With strong passion on the betterment of Textile industry in the region, Kenneth is serving as:

Director, Textile Council of Hong Kong Ltd Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Association of Textile Dyers, Bleachers, Printers and Finishers Ltd.

Member of the executive committee of Stand Tall Ltd, a register Charity organization jointly established by Kenneth, Professor K.M. Chan and Dr. K.Y. Fung to support victims of the Mega Earthquake that devastated Northern Sichuan, China on 12th, May 2008

STAND TALL Ltd– a register Charity under section 88, No. 91/9803 with the following missions.

  • To provide state-of-the-art prosthesis & technology, with specific care to children with a growing skeleton and/or individuals with bilateral amputations
  • To facilitate a comprehensive rehabilitation program, attending to physical, functional and psychological needs of the patients, thus preparing them to reintegrate into society


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