Dear Rotary leaders

Beneficiaries of Rotary’s community service projects are well aware of the good work Rotary does, but the general public often is not.  When we talk of promoting Rotary, we have to do it through effective channel such as getting the media to tell our Rotary stories.  

Now here is an invaluable opportunity for you and your fellow Rotarians to learn how best to tell your Rotary Story and to capture the Rotary moment in pictures.

We are pleased to inform you that District 3450 has invited two distinguished professionals to share their experiences with us:

 1.        C K Lau (劉志權), Principal Lecturer, Department of Journalism,Hong Kong Baptist University.  Former Chief Editor, South China Morning Post.

2.       Ng Hiu-Tong (吳曉東), Founder and CEO of EyePress. An award-winning journalist, who founded the EyePress in 2001 after a decade of journalistic career in newspapers and the TVB News.

Highlights of this PR Workshop include:

  • Understand what makes news?
  • How can you get your message out?
  • What should you do when you are suddenly in the news for the “wrong” reasons?
  • Learn how to capture impact.
  • Learn elements of good action photos.
  • Learn how to get your point across with a positive professional image.

District PR Workshop 2014

Date:        23 August 2014 Saturday

Time:       2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue:     TKP Wan Chai Conference Centre,

17/F., East Town Building, 41 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Cost:        HK$200 each

Please share the attach leaflet with your Club PR Director and members.  Seats are limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.  Please register with our Rotary Information Centre at

Yours in Rotary

PDG Ada Cheng

District Pubic Image Committee Chair