P Kelvin HoInterview with Dr. He Jiliang (Dr Kevin Ho),
President 2012-2013,
Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest

Air Date :25 -02-2013
Website: www.dmx.hk/program/70/790
MP3: http://www.dmx.hk/mp3/790.mp3

In an interview with Hong Kong Northwest Rotary Club’s  President Dr. He Jiliang (Dr Kevin Ho), as the authority of Nephrology. Kevin deepens the Hong Kong people’s understanding of the nephrotic condition, if not  know at an early stage and treated, the consequences can be very serious, so Kevin initiated the Program of “Save the kidney – Save the home”, hoping to wake up the public to the severity of nephrotic cognitive condition.

In addition, the Kevin also invited kidney transplant patients Jameson, to share nephropathy experience in the course of the treatment, and the curtain to curtain thrilling account is of interest to all concerned about their health and family well-being.  You must not miss this section [emotional ties to Rotary]!

Program thanks to:
Moderator: last Lion Rock Rotary Club president Michelle Ng
Guest: Northwest District President of Rotary Club, renowned nephrologists Dr. He Jiliang
Interviewed guests: kidney transplant patients Jameson

Michael Tam
President 2012-2013
RC of Lion Rock

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