The activities of the District Rotary Foundation Committee in December, comparatively speaking, are quieter than the previous months.  As we move towards the end of the calendar year, we are preparing to take stock how far we have gone in term of meeting the district’s foundation goals and set the course for the remainder of this Rotary year.  The support Rotarians of our district has been giving to the District Rotary Foundation Committee has been tremendous, both in terms of program participation and giving to the Rotary Foundation.  I can only say “Thank you” to those Rotarians for keeping the work of the committee on track.

Many of the matching grants applications have been processed by The Rotary Foundation and approved.  Projects have started and we will soon see their results.  All areas in the district are implementing water purification projects, mostly in Xian, China under the direction of District Governor Kenneth Wong and with the efforts of Past President Kenneth Chow who managed to make them matching grant projects.  Almost all Rotary clubs in the district have participated in these matching grants projects with many Rotary clubs outside the district as international partners/sponsors.  I believe this will be a record of the district with so many club participation’s on matching grant project of a single cause in a Rotary year.  Through these projects, tens of thousands of children will benefit by having access to clean water, which is crucial to their healthy development.

Regional Foundation Coordinator, Past District Governor (PDG) Frederick Lin was accompanying Rotary International President Nominee, Gary Huang when he visited our district in December for a few days.  Several of The Rotary Foundation Committee members were invited to the dinner hosted by Assistant Regional Coordinator PDG Tony Wong in honor of PDG Frederick. We had a good time together.  As usual, our work was highly complimented by PDG Frederick.

Before closing my message for this month of joy and celebration, what remains to be done by me is to wish all Rotarians in the district a Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!


Past District Governor Peter Wan

District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair