At Rotary Club of Macau, we take a lot of photos at various events. Very often, you would find a photo of our Rotaractors-turned-Rotarians cheering together!

Out of the current 41 members in our club, 9 were Rotaractors before joining Rotary, 3 have served or will serve as the Rotary club president, including PP Florence Hui who is the AG this year, and PP Teren Cheong and PE Kevin Lei. I am glad that I am among this group of Rotaractors-turned-Rotarians and there is a special bonding among us. Therefore, sometimes on purpose and sometimes out of whims, we socialize among ourselves and take photos together.

When I was a Rotaractor, I was given the opportunity to work closely with my mother club on various projects, such as the Joint Installation, Annual Ball, Charity Christmas Party, service trip to Guangxi and many others. Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Macau are partners in service. To me, therefore, joining Rotary just seems to be a natural extension of my Rotaract life. And in Rotary, I continue my Rotaract life by serving as the Rotaract Advisor.

But I must admit that it was not without hesitation when I was first invited to join Rotary. Would I fit in? I could easily be the son or even the grandson of some of the Rotarians. Would I measure up? The Rotarians were very successful people. Would I have the time? Just the regular meetings alone would be 4 times a month.  Would I have the money? The club dues, dinner fees would be much more expensive when comparing with those of Rotaract. Reflecting on these questions, I have a few words to share.

To Rotarians: Do understand that joining Rotary is a big decision for many Rotaractors. If they are not ready yet, be patient with them. Don’t let your invitation become a pressure to them. Do continue to engage them as Rotaract alumni in your club activities and service. When the right time comes, they will say “I do.”

To Rotaractors: Transitioning to Rotary is not as difficult as you might think. But I must say, joining Rotary together with your fellow Rotaractors would make the process much easier. When I joined Rotary in 2009, I did it together with 3 other Rotaractors. Furthermore, interacting with Rotarians is a great way to learn and grow. It outweighs the commitment that you need to make. In addition, joining Rotary gives you the opportunity to stay connected with Rotaract. It would keep you forever young. Trust me!

Elvo Sou

Rotary Club of Macau