Giving updates

Rotary leaders have class

Earlier this year, RI President-elect Gary C.K. Huang challenged his class of district governors to build on the historic achievement of President Ron Burton’s class. The result: 100 percent of district governors led by example and supported our Rotary Foundation for the second consecutive year. District governors-elect are now encouraging their class of club presidents-elect to do the same, every year. If every Rotarian participates in what is becoming an annual tradition, our ability to change lives in our local communities and others around the world will increase dramatically.

Paul Harris Society charter year

A huge thank you to the more than 9,000 Rotary Foundation donors who became charter members of the Paul Harris Society this Rotary year. Your generous commitment to give $1,000 each year to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant will ensure a lasting impact on communities around the world. For more information, contact your district Paul Harris Society coordinator, and read about the society.

Grants updates

Rotary Peace Fellowship application

The 2015 Rotary Peace Fellowship application is now available online. The application deadline is 1 July. For more information, visit our website.

District grant application deadline is 15 May

The deadline to submit 2013-14 district grant applications is fast approaching. District leaders submit the application online. Learn more about district grants. And just a reminder: There is no deadline for global grant applications.

District qualification for 2014-15

Districts must become qualified in order to receive Rotary Foundation grant funding. Similarly, clubs must also be qualified before applying for global or packaged grants. The qualification process helps ensure that your district or club understands its financial responsibilities, including stewardship, and is prepared to assume them.

Qualification for Rotary year 2014-15 begins in May 2014. Qualification includes an online process in which the district governor, governor-elect, and district Rotary Foundation committee chair agree to implement the district memorandum of understanding (MOU). New officers will be able to access and authorize the MOU 60 days before the start of their term; previously submitted authorizations will remain in effect. Remember to report the names of newly elected or appointed district officers to the Foundation as soon as possible so they will have access. Check out the new Grant Management Seminar Leader’s Guide, which includes information on conducting the seminar as a webinar.

Grant terms and conditions updated

Grant terms and conditions are periodically updated for the sake of clarity and to incorporate policy changes. See the current version, which includes these changes:

  • Each semester of study is now considered a separate activity eligible for grant funding.
  • District grants can fund activities in non-Rotary countries.
  • Grant sponsors should make sure that applicants for scholarships and vocational training teams understand that their application must be approved by the Foundation before they incur any expenses or make travel arrangements.
  • RITS/BCD charges a service fee of $50 to $70 per plane ticket issued, and grant sponsors may include this fee in their budgets.
  • District grants are paid out at the Rotary exchange rate at the time of payment.
  • Unused district grant funds of $500 or less must be used for charitable purposes that meet district grant eligibility requirements.

Grant-funded travel

If you are traveling on a Rotary grant, please familiarize yourself with the travel policies outlined in the grant terms and conditions, and keep in mind the following:

  • Grant applications should be submitted at least 90 days before departure.
  • All travelers must book their international and domestic air travel through RITS/BCD using the Rotary grants travel request form.
  • The grant number must be included on all appropriate travel forms.
  • All travelers are covered by Rotary’s grants travel insurance.
  • If grant funds are not being used to pay for air travel, travelers do not need to book their flights through RITS/BCD, but they must submit the travel report form to receive insurance coverage.

More information about grant-funded travel is available online.