Have you ever had this experience?  A member of your club initiated a very good project but your club does not have sufficient fund for it. The member is so enthusiastic about it and you are reluctant to turn him/her down. Where can you get the additional funding?

In this Rotary Year 2014-15, thanks to our District Dignitaries and dedicated Rotarians for their contributions and donations, we are very lucky to have at least TWO Funding sources:  i) District Grant from our District Rotary Foundation Committee chaired by PDG Peter Wan; and ii) a newly introduced Service Above Self Matching Grant (SASMG) from the SASMG Committee chaired by PDG Peter Wong.

For District Grants

The total available fund from District Grants is about US$128,464.  US$50,000 of the District Grants has been reserved for scholarship and vocational training teams. The remaining balance of US$78,464 is to be used in funding of other district or club projects. The maximum grant per application is US$5,000 or 50% of the proposed budget of the project, whichever is lower. District Grants (Stage 1) for Rotary year 2014-15 is now available for your application and the deadline is 29 August, 2014 (Friday). Details of the District Grant are as follows:

a) Letter from PDG Jason Chan, Grant Sub-Committee Chair to Club Presidents

b) District Grants Application 2014-15

c) Rotary Grants terms and conditions (May 2014)

Rotary Clubs who are interested to apply for the District Grant are required to be a “qualified club”.  Details of Clubs Qualification Procedures are listed in the Letter from PDG Alexander Mak, Stewardship Sub-Committee Chair to Club Presidents

For Service Above Self Matching Grant (SASMG)

SASMGis intended for humanitarian service projects which will benefit the community of HK and Macau.  Applications are to be submitted, monitored and implemented by rotary clubsin HK and Macau. Rotaract clubs in HK and Macau may also apply for SASMG through their sponsoring rotary clubs.  The SASMG, with a total funding of HK$500,000 donated by a very dedicated Rotarian, will match up to 75% of the funding required for an approved project.  The minimum matching amount is HK$20,000 per project while the maximum matching amount is HK$100,000 per project.  The earliest date for submission of application is 1 August, 2014.

Details of the SASMG are as follows:

a) The Service above Self Matching Grant (SASMG) proposal, rev. 4

b) 超我服務配對基金撥款申請表, 2014-15

Please click into for detail of SASMG


Dear Club Presidents,

Further to our promotion during the PETS and District Assembly, I am pleased to inform you that the District Grants (Stage 1) for Rotary year 2014-15 is now available for your application and the deadline is 29 August, 2014 (Friday).

District Grant enables our District to support local and international projects, scholarships, vocational training teams, and related travel.  In Rotary year 2014-15, total District Grants funds available is about US$128,464. US$50,000 of the District Grants has been reserved for scholarship and vocational training teams. The balance of US$78,464 to be used in funding some district or club projects. The maximum grant per application is US$5,000 or 50% of proposed budget of the project, whichever is lower.  Please note that District Grant only supports projects which must not have started already and should be completed by 31 March 2015 (Tuesday). The projects should also be initiated by the clubs themselves and not by a third party or other NGOs. There should be active participation by members of the clubs.

Please refer to the guidelines under the attached District Grants Application Form for 2014-15 and the attached Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants which is available at RI website via the following link:


Please do not miss out this opportunity to utilize District Grant funds to finance your projects. Though the fund available is not substantial and the competition for District Designated Fund (DDF) is strong, the whole idea of District Grant is to benefit the community and to promote Rotarian involvement in these humanitarian projects. You may also get recognition from our District and The Rotary Foundation (TRF) that in turn enhances profile of your projects.

District Grant funds come from our DDF. Your successful application of District Grant will demonstrate to your members that you do not just contribute to TRF but your own projects can also be benefited out of these contributions thus promoting Annual Giving by your members! So please work with your Community Service Director/Club Foundation Chair and start right away to plan for a good project making use of District Grant!

For any questions, please feel free to contact me at 9199 1860 or by e-mail[email protected]. For information, I will open the Stage 2 district grant application in due course with the deadline of 28 November 2014(Fri) so that some clubs have more time to apply for club qualification.

We look forward to your participation.

Yours in Rotary,

PDG Jason Chan

Grants Sub-committee Chair 2014-15

District Rotary Foundation Committee


Dear Presidents of 2014-2015,

You should have received the email invitation to apply for District Grant sent out by PDG Jason Chan recently.  Please note that your club should be qualified at the time of submission of your District Grant application.

The club must complete the qualification process every year in order to apply for District Grant and/or Global Grant.  If your club has been confirmed qualified for 2014-2015 please ignore this email, but if not and would like to be qualified, your club has to complete the qualification process below, the same as last year, and the attached:

1)      At least one of your club members has attended the GMS on 9 November, 2013.;

2)      Confirm you club has opened a club controlled bank account solely for Grants purpose and it is operated by at least 2 Rotarians signing jointly;

3)      Arrange the President of 2013-2014, President of 2014-2015 and President of 2015-2016 to sign the MOU*; and

4)      Prepare a written club financial management plan for 2014-2015 to provide consistent administration of the Grant funds. (If you need any help please let us know.)

If you have completed the attached or have any questions concerning qualification please send them to PP Dominic Ko of [email protected] he will assist you to complete the process.


PDG Alexander Mak

District Rotary Foundation Committee

Stewardship Sub-Committee Chair 2014-2015


Club Secretary Certification of the President of the Rotary Year of 2014-2015