It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest has successfully launched the ‘HELP online’ project on 3 May 2014. This is a project in which a medical information online platform is created to benefit all people who can access medical and health articles via a website or a mobile app free of charge.

In this information age, there is no lacking of health information that people can obtain via numerous multi-media channels. The problem is in fact that information is often too much and may even be misleading that one does not know what to believe. Our mission is to provide correct and unbiased medical and health information to the public. The medical and health articles are provided by hundreds of medical specialists in Hong Kong via the partnership with the Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association and the Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong in a format easily understood by the public. It is aimed to provide a comprehensive coverage of topics of interest to the people of Hong Kong so as to raise their awareness of common diseases and their remedies.


HELP is the abbreviation for ‘Heath Education for Lay Public’ and we hope that this endeavour can enhance the health status of the people in Hong Kong through education and health information. This is an ongoing project and the archive of articles will grow by the recruitment of as many medical specialists as possible to contribute to the pool of papers. All medical professionals in Rotary are also welcome to participate by contributing articles in your own specialties.


All our Rotarians are encouraged to visit this website at ‘’ or have a free download of the mobile app “醫學解”.


Samuel Kwok

President of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest