From the Front Page of the Website select Members Menu and Rotarian Login 

or use the Rotarian Login Button.

Now select Register

You can also Subscribe to the DG’s Newsletter from the Newsletter page. Click the link or Icon to do so.

  • Choose a Username for yourself, this will need to be unique,
       use lowercase characters you can include separators such as .  _ – and numbers, but no blank spaces please

    •     firstname.lastname should work.
    • Do Not use something too generic like 3450 Rotary or Editor this will  attract inappropriate attention.
      We cannot change the Username but we can delete it and start again.
  • Enter your email address
    •     the email registered with Rotary is advisable as we can check its authenticity, but its up to you. You can change this later.
    • If you lose your Password then we need this to send you a new one.
  • Create a Password for yourself,
    • please make it reasonably secure, you can change it later.
  • Enter your Rotarian ID Number
    • We will use this to check the authenticity of the registration, it is not essential


  • You may be presented with a Code word, it is to try and reduce false registrations, it should not be too difficult.

Registered members will have extra rights for the website, including the entering of events and calendar items.

Some are registered as Authors and Contributors, Presidents and Secretaries are a special group which will enable them to edit and change content and submit reports for example.

The District Rotary Website Team will set appropriate rights for you once Registered.

So please let us know your Club and Rotary Position, it will help us identify you in the system.

When you are all done Click Register

Finally if there is a problem you can contact RIC who will get you up and running.
If you registered first things go so much easier.

PP David Shelton-Smith
RC Macau, Website Development Team