Following the Chair of Steering Committee of APRRC 2014, we are glad to have our Conference Chair PDRR Edwina to share her vision on APRRC 2014.

R: Reporter     G: Guest – PDRR Edwina Chung

R: Why would you pick up the post of Organizing Committee Chair?

G: Having been actively involved in Rotaract for almost 6.5 years, I have taken various leading positions in the previous years and developed strong emotional connection to Rotaract.

Chair of the Organizing Committee of Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference 2014, a large scale 4-day-3-night annual conference, is definitely a great challenge and a key milestone in my Rotaract life. It is a conference targeting 1,000 young participants from the Asia Pacific region. I deeply treasure this opportunity to serve Rotaractors from multiple districts in the Asia Pacific region and strongly believe these experiences enhanced my leadership, interpersonal communication and independent project management skills.


R: You have participated different APRRCs in The Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan, what have you gained?

G: APRRC offered me chances to meet friends from the Asia Pacific region and understand their cultures. I was particularly impressed by the passion of Taiwan Rotaractors, the performing talents of The Philippines Rotaractors, and the diligence of Thai Rotaractors, etc.

Being passionate towards Rotaract, we exchanged ideas and learnt from each other on how to serve the community and improve oneself. This widened my horizon and eventually enriched my life. Lastly, I am more than happy that our friendship developed in the 4-day-3-night conference lasts till years.


R: How can this conference enhance the relationships of local Rotarians and Rotaractors?

G: Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference is an annual flagship event for both Rotaract and Rotary. This conference is certainly a great initiative to enhance the bonding between local Rotarians and Rotaractors and make our goal “partners in service” real. In preparing this conference, a Steering Committee, consisting equal number of Rotarians and Rotaractors, is formed. As such, close communication and cooperation were guaranteed. I am confident that team spirit between local Rotarians and Rotaractors will be developed, as a key achievement of this conference.


PDRR Edwina will share more to us in next issue.  Please stay tuned.