Conference Chair PDRR Edwina is keen on working with her team for a fruitful APRRC. Let’s hear more of her thoughts!

R: Reporter     G: Guest – PDRR Edwina Chung

R: How can this conference increase the bonding of District 3450?

G: Apart from the Steering Committee, an Organizing Committee consisting of Rotaractors within District 3450 is also formed. We, a group of passionate Rotaractors, share the same vision and endeavor after one dream in preparing a wonderful conference for Rotaractors in Asia Pacific. Challenges would steel us into better persons and things will eventually work out as long as we open up our mind and respect each other sincerely. As such, bonding between Rotaractors in District 3450 would surely be strengthened.

R: What can Rotaractors gain in the large scaled Rotaract event?

G: Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference is organized by a group of passionate Rotaractors with the supervision of Rotarians. Given the large event scale involving heavy and complicated planning, it is a good learning opportunity for us and brings us life-changing experience.

Rotaractors aged 18-30 from the Asia Pacific region are welcome to participate in Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference. Throughout the conference, it not only provides them with an excellent platform to exchange friendship, ideas and cultures, but also widen their horizon and inspires them through workshop and keynote address by some significant figures in the community.

R: How will Organizing Committee fulfill or present the theme of “Touch Hong Kong, Touch Your Heart”?

G: Hong Kong, a tiny spot in the world map, was once a rustic fishing port. It is now a renowned international city of prosperity and wealth. We hope to present Hong Kong tenacity and diligence to the participants during Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference 2014, motivating them to keep serving the community.

Diversified characteristics of Hong Kong will be demonstrated through a series of activities, including city tour, workshops and keynote address. Through offering a vibrant journey in Hong Kong, participants can understand more about Hong Kong and get touched by its inner beauty.

R: Any other things you would like to share to Rotarians about APRRC?

G: We are very proud to announce that APRRC, one of the largest scale Rotaract annual events, will return with the greatest joy in its birthplace – Hong Kong in July 2014, a decade after being initiated in 2004. We hope to pursue our dream and contribute to this flagship event hand in hand with Rotary, in preparing the best conference we ever had.

Are you ready to join us?