In many of DG Eugene’s speeches, he talked about his vision on Rotaract; he is keen on working hand in hand with the Rotaractors.  So, how is his view towards APRRC?

R: Reporter    G: Guest – DG Eugene

R: After taking part in the previous APRRCs, what do you expect APRRC 2014 to be like or achieve?

G: Sincerely, I do have high expectation towards APRRC 2014. It should provide a solid platform for meaningful exchange of ideas. It should be a good showcase of the creativity and the leadership qualities possessed by the Rotaractors of our District.

R: You have joined the bidding process in APRRC 2011 at Subic Bay of The Philippines, how did you feel about the bidding of an Asia Pacific conference?

G: Yes, thank you for reminding me about my experience of dressing as a Rotaractor and sneaking into the bidding at Subic Bay. The bidding was intense, the competition was fierce and representatives from all countries were very out-spoken and threw very difficult questions at the bidders.

R: Why should a Rotarian participate in APRRC 2014?

G: To learn: to learn more about the latest thinking trends among the young people of our society and of our world; to serve: to serve our Rotaractors in the capacity of mentors in their organizing of the event and also help serving visitors from overseas; to lead: to lead by example, to show the Rotaractors that Rotaract and Rotary are indeed one great family.

Stay tuned for the next issue! DG Eugene will share more with us!