DG Eugene has shared his experience of attending APRRC last week. How can Rotarians be involved in this conference?

R: Reporter    G: Guest – DG Eugene

R: As representatives of RI D3450, what are the roles of Rotary participants?

G: Rotarians should join APRRC 2014 and give their fullest support for it really takes the efforts of our full District to make this event a successful one. We are talking about hundreds of visitors from other Rotary Districts here, so the task of hosting these people is indeed daunting.

R: Apart from participating, how can Rotary leaders be involved in the upcoming APRRC?

G: They can sponsor Rotaractors to attend; they can provide sponsorship in kind or monetary sponsorship; they can help the Organizing Committee directly with all kinds of work, PR, liaison, fund raising etc.; or they can just give a pad on the shoulder of OC members to encourage them. The list really has no limits.

R: Any other things you would like to share to Rotarians about APRRC?

G: APRRC was first set up by our District and finally is returning to D3450 for the first time in 2014. It is going to enhance international understanding and fellowship among the Rotaractors in the Asia Pacific area. It is an event that has received funding from Hong Kong SAR government, so it is and shall remain highly transparent. So we have all the reasons to make it a great success.