We are very honoured to have PDG Peter WONG to share with us last week.  He will share more with us this week!!


R: Reporter         G: Guest – PDG Peter

R: Why should a Rotarian participate in APRRC 2014?

G: I will encourage our Rotarians to participate in APRRC 2014 not only because of showing support but to get energized by the vivid atmosphere of the youth gathering.  You will probably discover very inspiring innovative ideas from our young generation.  Afterall Rotary International wishes Rotarians to groom leaders from among our Rotary family members to be among our ranks one day.

R: Apart from participating, how can Rotary leaders be involved in the upcoming APRRC?

G: APRRC 2014 is a huge project for Rotaractors and there is a funding gap to be filled.  I would appeal to Rotary Leaders to either sponsor direct to APRRC 2014 or to Sponsor local or overseas Rotaractors to participate in order to boost attendance of no less than 1,000 delegates.

R: Any other things you would like to share to Rotarians about APRRC?

G: It took District 3450 two years to win the bidding to host APRRC 2014 and we must deliver an impressive APRRC to demonstrate our capability.  Hong Kong is the birthplace of APRRC ten years ago and we need everyone’s help to ensure its success.  The collective wisdom and support of all concerned are of paramount importance.  We have so far secured modest financing from the District and The Commission of Youth but a healthy turnout is extremely important in order to breakeven.  I sincerely wish sponsoring Rotary clubs will help to boost up attendance.