PDG Peter WONG has been very devoted to Rotary and has given much support to Rotaract.   We are so honoured that he picked up the post of Chair of the Steering Committee of APRRC 2014.  He did give lots of invaluable advices to the Organizing Committee throughout the process.  This time, we are happy to have PDG Peter to share with us some of his thoughts towards APRRC.

R: Reporter         G: Guest – PDG Peter

R: Why did you pick up the post of Steering Committee Chair?

G: I was appointed by the District Leaders to Chair the APRRC 2014 Steering Committee maybe because I have the heart to serve the interest of our youth and I have been Chair of New Generations twice.

R: What do you feel about working with a group of young Organizing Committee?

G: I feel blessed to have the opportunity to engage with a group of dedicated, diligent and energetic Rotaract leaders to organize, plan and implement scheduled activities for this mega event along with the support and advice of our ceaseless and capable Steering Committee members.

R: What do you think of the differences of APRRC and other international Rotaract events?

G: APRRC has the passion and focus on Asian life style although with international participation. It showcases the different cultures of Asian Countries and areas through the interpretation of Rotaractors with the host country or area presenting multifaceted and in-depth perspective of its cultural, social and other unique features in addition to country report and other Rotaract activities.

R: What do you expect APRRC 2014 to achieve?

G: I wish APRRC will be able to impress our participants with great hospitality, efficiency and understanding of what Hong Kong can offer as well as the diversity of Hong Kong’s cultural and social development.

That’s it?! Of course not.  Let’s stay tuned for the next issue.  PDG Peter will have more to share with you all.