The new Rotary International website is one of the transformative changes in this Rotary Year. It is a great tool for Rotary leaders to explore new projects, to find international project partners, and get directly involved in the implementation of projects based on our interests.

One of the many new features of the new Rotary website is the much improved search function. Simply by clicking on “Take Action” → “Develop Project” → “Support a Project”; in less than a second you will see a category of different rotary projects going on around the world. With the new “Search Feature”, we can set up specific criteria for finding projects that fit our interests and recourses.

Our club realizes the importance of infants and children healthcare, especially for those in underprivileged countries. Therefore, we refined our search by checking the “Maternal and child health” section. We also would like to serve at a neighboring country so we can better monitor progress. That is how we found the project “Supporting Newborn Screening Kit” at Caloocan City, Philippines; a great project which is closed to what we were looking for. We were able to build up direct dialogue with the host club through email for further information such as cost to support the project.

We hoped matching new projects through the new Rotary International Website could become a new option for our club to stay connect with rural areas and the other part of the world. The idea may sound a bit new, but it is truly a fantastic platform to promote projects of your club and to learn more about other great Rotary projects worldwide.

Kevin Lei

Community Service Chair

President Elect

Rotary Club of Macau

Picture from Rotary Club of Sampaguita Grace Park, Philippines