Dear Rotarians,

I am pleased to report that Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio have received extensive media coverage the past two months, thanks to outreach by Rotary International, leadership of the National PolioPlus Committee (NPPC) chairs and engagement of Rotary’s polio ambassadors.

Highlights include:

The Battle to Eradicate Polio in Pakistan


July 29, 2014

Rotary NPPC chair for Pakistan Aziz Memon was interviewed about efforts to eradicate polio in Pakistan. The story focuses entirely on Rotary’s efforts in the country.

World Looks Anxiously To Pakistan, Afghanistan And Nigeria To Eradicate Polio


July 21, 2014

Rotary’s NPPC chairs from the three remaining endemic countries – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, participated in a live online video interview to discuss the current status of polio eradication in their respective countries.

The long fight against polio

Bild der Wissenschaft

July 2014

The article identified Rotary as a major player in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. In addition, Rotary’s PolioPlus coordinator in Germany, Hans Pfarr, was quoted. Bild der Wissenschaft is a German science magazine with over half a million readers.

  • Note: The story that appeared in print is attached.

Nigeria Hopes to Eradicate Polio Despite Insurgency


July 15, 2014

Tunji Funsho, Rotary’s NPPC chair for Nigeria, discusses the vast improvements Nigeria has made toward eradicating polio in the country. Chair Funsho is quoted multiple times throughout the article.

Interview with Angelique Kidjo

South Africa Broadcast Corporation (SABC)

July 24, 2014

SABC interviewed Rotary polio eradication celebrity ambassador and singer/songwriter Angelique Kidjo. She implored African women to support polio vaccination and explained the success of Rotary’s World’s Biggest Commercial campaign.

Despite Insecurity, Polio Drops 85% in Nigeria

Voice of America

July 11, 2014

The story is based on an in-person radio interview with one of Nigeria’s National PolioPlus Vice Chairs, Kazeem Mustapha. It showcases the new strategies being used to address security issues.

New polio fears amid barriers to global eradication

Reuters TV

June 30, 2014

In an interview with Reuters TV, Rotary polio ambassador and polio survivor Itzhak Perlman advocates for polio eradication.

War on polio: A call to African mothers


June 24, 2014

Angelique Kidjo, Beninese singer-songwriter and Rotary celebrity ambassador, wrote an op-ed urging African mothers to vaccinate their children and describing polio eradication as a cause that “is very dear to me.”

Best regards,

PDG David Harilela
Rotary Public Image Coordinator 2013-16