In August 2013, the weekly DG e-Newsletter was launched to supplement the traditional printed monthly DG Newsletter. We are pleased to report that the readership of the e-Newsletter has gradually increased from just over 100 readers per day shortly following its launch, to over 200 readers per day as of May 2014. Accordingly to these figures, it would seem that roughly every Rotarian was logging on to read the e-Newsletter on a weekly basis. Rotarians may like to use the e-Newsletter as a resource for outreaching, as it permits for the easy access of old articles which can be managed through the tag and search functions.

The heart and soul of any newsletter is the Editorial, which in our case is the DG Message. DG Eugene has made a point of elucidating a significant Rotary idea every month over the last twelve months. In doing so, he successfully took us back to our roots by addressing some of the more fundamental issues like who we are as Rotarians and what we are supposed to do and not to do. This has been a breath of fresh air and interested Rotarians may like to revisit the DG Messages whenever they have a spare moment.

PP Francis Au and his colleague, Mr Ron Chan, have built the essential computer infrastructure in the form of a practical database complete with an easy-to-use inputting template. Ms Catherine Chan, a staff member of PDG David Harilela, is responsible for the touch and feel of the DG weekly e-Newsletters as well as the layout and design of the monthly DG Newsletters. PP C F Wong ensures that some of the more important articles like the DG Messages are also published in Chinese for those Rotarians who would prefer to read in Chinese. Ms Rainy Ma, Mr Steve Kwok, Ms Grace Heung, Carrie Cheung and Jovex Chan are responsible for the tedious but essential day-to-day operations of the editorial team. PP Alice Liu kindly stands in for me whenever I am away from Hong Kong. Last but not least, thanks must be given to all the article contributors. In particular, I would like to thank PP Shirley Kong, PP Wendy Mung and Rotaractor Edwina Chung for their unfailing support and regular contributions to the DG Newsletter over the last twelve months.

June 2014