Rotary, sounds unfamiliar.  But to many, it is a rich men’s club for fellowship and wine.

When I was invited to attend a Rotary lunch meeting 4 years ago at the Hong Kong Golf Club, my friend, a senior Rotarian and church-mate, enquired about my wishes to be a Rotarian and join the English speaking Rotary Club of Hong Kong South.

“What can I do for the community?” I asked.  2 months later, I was inducted.  Chances came when I was appointed as the Director of Community Service in 2009 and 2010.

To help the under-privileged, book coupons, sport shoes and school bags were provided to children of lower income families as an encouragement for their studies and without labeling.

Even serving the community, it was not without setback.  Efforts to set up a self-financed autism centre for kids, and to provide training to their maids and teachers as well as counseling and treatment service was aborted for lack of resources.  Thousands are still suffering nowadays.  Like-minded are welcome to reinvent the wheel.

I took up the Presidency of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong South in 2012 and had promoted a “We Participate” concept in which not only Rotarians, their families and friends have participated in the Club’s service projects like visit to the elderly home and street sleepers.

Reaching-out means a lot to Rotarians as we can see and feel the needs of the needy which we cannot imagine in our air-conditioned office.  Have you ever talk to a street sleeper and think about a “Why’ behind their stories ?

To run a Rotary Club is in fact a challenge as all are volunteers and holding senior positions in different business organisations.  Motivation and engagement are critical success factors.  A team comprises of non-like-minded members will bring you a sure success in your business.

Rotarian, no matter wealthy or not, serves the community above self.

Michael Chiu