When it comes to North Korea, as Rotarians, we choose engagement over non-engagement, goodwill over sanctions, and peace over further isolation.  History shows us that sports and cultural engagement can build the bridges that politics fail to establish.  Following up on the first Rotary trip to North Korea in 2011, all Rotarians, as well as their families and friends, are now invited to join us as we go on a cultural and sporting goodwill mission.  In the Rotary tradition of “service above self”, we will leave the politics aside, and instead engage with the local people on a human, one-on-one level, and share our views, our backgrounds, our understandings and, most importantly, our curiosity.

In June of 2014, everyone who is keen to be part of history is invited to join us on either the first ever Hiking and Camping tour of North Korea, or on the first ever Golf tour of North Korea.  On the trails of Mount Kumgang and along the streams of Mount Myohyang, the distances and the steepness of the slopes are the same for everyone.  On the Pyongyang Golf Course, that par-4 hole is equally challenging for locals and foreigners alike.  Sports and the outdoors do not differentiate between cultures, races, backgrounds or ideologies.  An eagle is an eagle, a birdie is a birdie, and the rough is just as unforgiving for the North Koreans as it is for us.

Why not take a couple of days out of our busy schedule to go and explore the natural beauty of this mysterious land ? Why not succeed where so many others have failed, simply because the right opportunities were not created ? Your opportunity is now here – be part of sports diplomacy whilst engaging with our North Korean brothers and sisters on a level playing field.  Of course there will be cultural excursions as well – North Korea offers an abundance of interesting attractions that help us better understand its position in the region.

Register today for the hiking and camping tour or the golf adventure of a lifetime. Head on over to visitdprk.weebly.com for further details, and let all your relatives, colleagues and contacts know about this unique opportunity to make history.  You will not regret it !

by Ronny