Dear Club Presidents,

With reference of the attached power point which unfortunately failed to appear in the 1st JPM, I would like to introduce the captioned District Community Service Project in order to help as life masters for those underprivileged youths aged 15-29 in this District vocational matching service project.

This project has been started last year and is now regarded by the Government as one of the early successful projects in HK of this kind of vocational matching for these young unemployed.

The higher success rate at more than 70% compared to similar projects run by others with success rate at 35% is mainly because of our rotarians’ partcipation as the youths’ life masters.

Be kindly informed that Rotarians interested in it please contact me and come to join the briefing session with the mentees on 23 July 2015 at 1:00pm in the Salvation Army Building located in the Salvation Army Street in Wanchai.

Please kindly introduce this service project to your club members for recruiting more Rotarians to be their life masters.

I would be much happy and honored to come to the club meeting for more sharing when needed.

Thank you very much indeed!

Best Regards,

RC of Peninsula South

District Secretary (2015-16)
Vice Chair
Committee of the District Alleviation of Poverty

Poverty Alleviation 2015-16_Mentor Recuitment v4