From PE Platteen Tsang – RC of Happy Valley

Through participation as a Life Master in the District’s Poverty Alleviation Program “Helping the Youth SMART Mentorship Scheme”, we are able to re-discover ourselves and to help our future generation at the same time.

Having worked for so many years after graduation from the university, we may have gained rich experience but might also losing passion at the same time. This program gives us a chance to get in touch with the youths, so that we can remember once again how we were at their age. Thus, they can help us helping them, and create a positive loop.

I really like this quote by Mr. Kevin Spacey: “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.”

24 Sep. 2014

From AG YC Ho – RC of Peninsula South

The Life Mentorship of

 The District Alleviation of Poverty Project:—

This District Project has been started for 3 years, aiming at assisting for an upward movement of those underprivileged youngsters who have left school for starting their first job.

This year , instead of collaboration with many NGOs as in previous years, the project chooses Salvation Army as the sole working partner who provides not only the whole project logistics but also the professional social workers to pair up with each young people.

We have a group of voluntary compassionate Rotarians from various clubs to act as the life mentors of the beneficiaries. Life mentor will go along hand in hand as the young people’s dear friend during the time when they start their first job life, hoping to provide life experiences and encouragement for any irregularities they may have encountered.

That comes the main problem for our life mentors, on one hand the youngsters may have a very different mode of communication ways they would feel comfortable while the rotarians may not even imagine how.

The training sessions provided by the experts in this field of communication with these underprivileged youngsters are so innovative and stimulative that the life mentors seem to have been provided with the keys to opening doors to a new challenging world of communication with young people nowadays.

Let’s adore the rotarians life mentors for their dedication.