“Rotary Youth SMART Mentorship Scheme”

Dear Presidents and Rotarians,

      We are proud to announce our third year in escalating the development of Youths in Transition pertaining to the Poverty Alleviation Program 2014-15. Here I quote again the four basic elements in our objectives – Motivation + Options + Rapport + Esteem.

This year, we intend to enhance further to arrange job opportunities for those participating Youths. We have therefore partnering with HKCSS (HK Council of Social Service) and The Salvation Army to design the Program for this Rotary year. The highlight of this new Program are:-

  1. It consist of two batches of Youth, 25 Youth each, on 3-months full time job with mentoring by Job Mentor who are recommended by companies.
  2. A full time Social Worker will monitor each participating youth’s development.
  3. Meetings between Social Worker, the participating youth and the Job Mentor will be held regularly to keep the project on the right track.
  4. Life Masters who are Rotarians with the view to share their stories to inspire the participating youths.

Since the funding of the whole project is HK$300,000, we now appeal for your participation on the capacity of Club and Rotarians in the following options.

  1. Financial sponsor amounting with minimum HK$5,000 and/or above.
  2. Rotarians act as this Project’s “Life Master”, the requirement of 3 – 4 meetings with the participating youth.
  3. Provision of 3 months full time paid job with Job Mentor, training of Job Mentors will be provided by Social Workers of the Salvation Army.
  4. Combination of either two or sponsor all the above three options.

        A briefing session for interested companies and Rotarians will be held on July 30, details as follows:-

Date: 30th July, 2014 (Wed).

Time: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Venue:  Room 302, Salvation Army Education & Development Centre, 6 Salvation Army Street, Wanchai, HK.

        Frankly, we need your wholehearted support on this year’s program for the objectives of helping our young people who should be given an opportunity to fulfill their potentials. With your support, we are confident that we can bring a better future for our youth and help building up a harmonious society. Should you have question, our team will be more than happy to visit your Club to explain in details.

We look forward to your support in this meaningful project.

Andy Wong (PP)

Chair, Poverty Alleviation Committee 2014-15