The PPE Director’s summit is to be held on the Saturday 4 Oct., 2014 morning at the Gun Room, Royal HK Yacht Club, Kellet Island, Hong Kong.

The District 3450 Preserve Planet Earth Committee is planning to prepare a White Paper on the Hong Kong Environment we would like to have by 2028 to the Government of Hong Kong S.A.R.

The provisional working title of the White Paper will be:  “Achieving a balance between the environment and human use in Hong Kong towards 2028”, to be reviewed by the District Executive before presenting to the Government of HKSAR on World Environment Day, June 5, 2015

We are inviting all PPE Directors to join the work group to put this White Paper together. In order to get everyone onto the same wavelength and level of understanding the District PPE Committee is organising this PPE Directors’ Summit to kick off the process.

A buffet breakfast will be provided, other Rotarians are welcome to join on a first come first serve basis at the cost of $150 each. No charge for PPE Directors.

The details of the event is shown in the flyer attached. Please reply one way or another by return e-mail so that I can firm up the numbers on breakfast.

Yours in Rotary,

David Thomas