Street booth - Sustainable seafood

The District Preserve Planet Earth Committee and the Rotary Club of Hong Kong South have jointly run its first of a series of SSAP to promote the support of Sustainable Seafood by reaching out to the public at large on 26 & 27 April in Kai Tin Shopping Mall in Lam Tin and followed up with street booth on 17th and 18th May outside Hysan Place in Causeway Bay.

The SSAP was co-organised with the help and assistance from eight of the 2013/14 PRMB Year 4 students under the close supervision of PP Angela Yeung of RC HK South. The first event was held on 26th & 27th April in Kai Tin Shopping Mall, Lam Tin with the support of the Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Centennial College. On that occasion we successfully convinced 386 persons passing through Kai Tin Shopping Mall to sign up to support Sustainable Seafood. DG Eugene was there early to sign up to show his support.

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In order to maintain the momentum, Committee Chair PP George Li, PP Thomas Yeung and I with the help of the Interactors from the Interact Club of St Peter’s Secondary School staged managed the 2-day road show held on 17th & 18th May , outside Hysan Place in Casueway Bay from noon to the evening. The weather washot and humid with occasional showers. There was no marquee or facilities of any kind to provide shelter or relieve for us and the Interactors. We are basically exposed to the elements.

There were a lot of passers-by.  No matter whether they were mainland visitors or locals, we told them of the importance of consuming seafood in a sustainable manner and to avoid especially those endangered species. Parents were using the occasion and the material on display to teach their children about seafood as well as the species we should help to preserve.

Interactors were proactive in approaching the passers-by and patiently explaining to them the WWF 2013 sustainable seafood guide. At the end we had 425 persons signed up to show their commitment.

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This kind of reach-out programme gives us an opportunity to interact directly with the public on Sustainability issues as well as demonstrating Rotarians care about this planet “Earth”.

It was a very good experience to work as a promoter on the street, not for commercial but a good cause on sustainable seafood under the brand of Rotary 3450.  Roll up your sleeves and take yourself to street with a good Rotary cause and you will definitely feel proud to be a Rotarian.

IPP Michael Chiu
Rotary Club of Hong Kong South