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Nanu P . Lachman ,  Rotary District 3450 Vocational Service ~ Chairman


Rotary Recognizes Hong Kong’s Heroes:



On October 30, 2013 at the Regal Hotel Hong Kong, Rotary District 3450 launched the inaugural Hong Kong Heroes Vocational Excellence Award Ceremony to honour the unsung heroes in our community. These are those individuals who go the extra mile to serve others and make our community better and safer, but do so with disarming humbleness and without seeking public recognition.



“Service above self” is one of the core principles of Rotary. And the awardees, six policemen, three from the healthcare profession and five firemen, exemplify this through their bravery and selflessness.  The stories of these brave men and women touched the hearts of the entire audience and provided an occasion to reflect on the many acts of selflessness that make our society more humane. 



The awards night is now in its 13th year of service which brings these anonymous heroes to the spotlight and allows us to show them the gratitude and respect they richly deserve.



Led by District Vocational Service PP Nanu Lachman along with KGM’s Vocational Director Mr Daniel Krayl and Ms Mabel Wong of the Vocational Committee, over 150 people attended the event including top Representatives from the Police, ( Director of Hkg police operations, Mr. Tony Wong Chi-Hung ), Fire (Assistant Director of Fire Services- Mr. Ng Wai Keung ) and Medical Field ( Ms. Cecilia Chu, Chief Manager HR Department from the Hospital Authority ) along with the Awardees, district authorities, and members of the various clubs in the district. It was an inspiring evening and a great celebration of humanitarian values.

頒獎典禮由地區職業服務主委Nanu Lachman前社長聯同九龍金域扶輪社職業服務理事Daniel Krayl Mabel Wong共同籌辦,約150位嘉賓出席,包括警務處的代表 (香港行動指揮 Tony Wong Chi Hung),消防處代表 (副處長 Ng Wai Keung),衛生界代表 (醫管局 Cecilia Chu女士),所有獲獎者,扶輪地區幹事,各扶輪社代表等等。當晚氣氛感人,與會者共同慶祝偉大的人道價值。


Rotarians are already looking forward to honouring Hong Kong’s Heroes next year.



We are 1.2 million Neighbours, friends, and community leaders from over 200 countries who have come together to create positive, lasting changes in our communities and around the world. We work together with unified minds and hearts to make the world cleaner, healthier, safer and better for us and our children.


Motto “Service Above Self”

扶輪座右銘﹕ 超我服務


The awardees were:


From the Police : 警務界


Sergeant Cheng Chi Kin

Police Constable 51759 Pak Chuen Mun

Police Constable 45681 Yim Wai Keung

Police Constable 5512 Yip Ling Fai

Woman Police Constable Yip Yin Yan, Maria

YauTsim District Project “GEMSTONE” ~  YauTsim District Commander Mr Yu Tat Chung


From the Medical Field : 醫務界


Ms. Catherine Wong, Hospital Authority Lions Eye Bank

Mr. So Wai Sang, Registered Nurse, Kwai Chung Hospital

Ms. Fong So Sui, Rebecca – Kowloon Hospital


From the Fire Services  消防界


Senior Station Officer Mr. Fung Ka Wai

Fireman Chui Ka Kit

Fireman Tse Tsz Hong

Fireman Mr. Wong Kwok-Leung

Fireman Mr. Lui Kam Man

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