December is a month of celebration, giving and making resolutions. As the nation was preparing to ring in the New Year, the Rotaract club of Tuul, Mongolia has successfully wrapped one of the main projects of the year called “Little Heroes”. The project held on 27th of December (Sat), in purpose of giving away five hundred packed holiday gifts for the children with low living state, age around 3 to 15. Therefore, we mainly tried to focus on the most populated district “Songinokhairkhan” to bring joy for the children to celebrate the biggest event of the year with happiness and rejoicing.

The wrapped gifts included mostly sweetness: candies, chips and biscuits; drinks, toys, handmade items from the club members, comics and others.

In aim to complete the project, the club organizing team sent official invitation letters to companies and non-government organizations asking for their kind donation for the project. Moreover, the team fundraised money with the compassionate help of Rotary club of Tuul and Interact clubs of English school of Mongolia and Hobby school.

The Rotaract club of Tuul would like to express the sincere gratitude to all the following companies and NGOs for their support:

-Rotary club of Tuul – grant-in-aid; toys and clothes
-Rotary Area Board – grant-in-aid
-Interact club of ESM – grant-in-aid
-Interact club of Hobby – grant-in-aid
-Irmuun studio – comic books, water bottles, stickers
-“Gun shim” – packages

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